Anglo-Saxon cipher

A modern harmony, the encryption of agreements, that is, the harmonic or accompanying part of the melody, it is usually written in Anglo-Saxon or American cipher. Each note on the scale corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, starting with the letter A corresponding to the note LA, the letter B corresponds to the SI note, the letter C in the DO note, and so on until the G corresponding to the note SOL.

Therefore, a major chord will be indicated with the letter corresponding in capital letters if it is a triad chord, or three notes. For example:
It would be La Major, B Series If Major, C seria Do Major, Eb would be Mib Major, F # would be Fa # Major, etc.

If there is a letter next to the capital letter “m” lower case, indicates that the agreement is minor. For example: Cm and Do menor, Am is The Minor, Bbm is Si flat minor, etc.

When the chord in addition to the capital letter is followed by a 7, means that the agreement is quadrilateral, or in other words, which consists of four notes, in this case, if the number is a 7, it refers to the 7ª at a distance of one tone from the fundamental. So, if we have agreement C (Do Major) the notes that make up the chord are the key, the 3ª and 5ª of the chord or arpeggio, or in other words….DO, MI and SOL, like when we do arpeggios and memory scales. If the agreement is C7, then it is called the seventh C, and in addition to the notes 1-3-5 (fundamental, 3ª i 5ª) if you add the 7ª which should be one tone away from the fundamental, so, in this case the 7ª would be Sib(from Sib to C there is a distance of one tone). Therefore, the notes that make up the C7 chord are C, Me, Sun and Sib.More

Later you will see lessons in which there are agreements that carry one 6 next to the capital letter, these chords are also quadriads, or in other words, of four notes, but in this case, in addition to the fundamental, 3ª and 5ª if you add the 6ª of the scale, therefore, the C6 agreement(S’anomena Do Sexta), will be formed by the fundamental, 3ª, 5ª and 6ª of the scale, or in other words: Do, my sun, the.

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