Miscellaneous Tutorials

Tutorial d’Audacity

Tutorial on how to record clarinet and accompaniment in a single file using the free sound editor program “Audacity

Below I leave a Power Point made by our professor of new technologies Xavier Llorach who talks about how to make a recording with the program.

Digital audio recording with Audacity

Tutorial - how to join PDF?

Many times we will have PDf with many pages, and we only want to extract one or two, or whatever they are… this or we get in line with “smallPDF“, a website that does the work for us. The other way, or in other words, we have PDFs on separate pages and want to merge them into a single PDF, also or we will get with “smallPDF” on line, without having to download any program. I put a little tutorial below. It will mainly be used to download scores from the sections “Musical Pieces“, in which each block consists of many works.

Merge or split PDF files online

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