The teoria.com webpage is dedicated to the study and practice of music theory. It offers its content free to the entire Internet community from 1997. teoria.com was developed by José Rodríguez Alvira as a resource to complement his classes at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.

His web 2006 teoria.com received the MERLOT Award (Multimèdia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) Classic Award in music and has been reviewed by expert people by the organization. The following sections and articles have been individually evaluated:

  • Musical reading
  • Analysis of Bach G minor fugue (BWV 861)
  • Live music: Animated analysis of the Invention in C major
  • Secondary dominants
  • Geometric interval builder
  • Reading and writing music for transposing instruments

The theory.com learning exercises and resources are part of the first and second editions of From Sound To Symbols by Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka, published by Oxford University Press, and by Salvatore Accardo's Stradivari., Luigi Fiorentini, Gabriele Giacomelli and Paola Lenzi published in Italy by Bompiani. The teoria.com is used by conservatories, universities and music schools in North, South America and Europe.

It is a project in continuous development. We are constantly adding materials and their natural state is to be under construction.

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