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These pieces have been recorded with myself on the clarinet (Xavier Bofarull) and my classmate and conservatory teacher Lluís Castel at the piano.

We have each recorded them from home (he lives in Tarragona and I live in Valls, about 25 kms. away) through the programSonobus, or in other words, we don't see each other while recording the pieces.

The idea is to take advantage of today's technology, and to be able to give more tools to students so that they can play on it “playback” and they can hear how I play them myself.

As you can see, There are two types of audio: One in MP3 format(audio only) and the other where the student can follow the score, in video format.

You can download the pieces in audio format, and so you can change the speed using the programTimestretch.

Robin songC. H. Joubert1r Av.
AllegrettoLudwig van Beethoven2n Av.
Big Brother BluesPam Wedgwood2n Av.
Cantabile and AllegroA. Semler-Collery2n Av.
Caprice-RecitalS. Dangain-C. Jacob2n Av.
Song J. X. Lefevre2n Av
Romance E. German 2n Av
Adagio J. X. Lefevre3r Av
CantabileNoel-Gallon3r Av.
PromenadeRobert Clerisse3r Av.
MenuetG. Fr. Fuchs3r. Av
Exotic songM. Delgiudice1r GP
The little nothingFrancois Couperin1r GP
Album pageM. Mangani1r GP
Valse tristeR. Glière1r GP
RondoG. Fr. Fuchs1r GP
Romance C. Baermann1r GP
Jiminy Cricket F. Ferran1r GP
Three clarinet pictures M. Jacques1r GP
ClarinettariaJ. Brouquières2n GP
PromenadeM. Delmas2n GP
Petit concert D. Milhaud2n GP
Four short piecesH. Ferguson2n GP
Prise de becJ. Naulais3r GP

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