Javier Bofarull

Teacher of clarinet in the school and conservatory of Reus

This website wants to be a working tool for the clarinet students of the school and the music conservatory of Reus. I will try to go as far as I can and my computer skills will allow.

Basically the menus are explained on their own. The menu “Methods” will serve to download my methods both the book and the accompanying audio. You know, they're free.

The section “Musical Pieces” will be a reinforcement of works made with Smartmusic for anyone who wants to work more. There are two types of menus, one where the works are organized by courses, and the other where there are works of different difficulty, where I am adding more each week. Continuing with the menu “Chamber” we will be able to find the accompaniments played by me of the clarinet groups that we normally do in the final auditions. You will also find duets and the accompaniments that I have done for the jazz books of James Raee, as well as many songs sung in Catalan schools, with accompaniment.

“Multimedia” it will be the fun. I will try to put new videos every week of the year related to the clarinet, talks, music, concerts, curiosities, etc. It will also be the menu where you will find the various program tutorials that I will be doing. Then, the menu “Exercises” It will be the place where you can download types of exercises that we always do in class and we are always making photocopies. Now you can download them yourself.

On the menu “I recommend” you can go to the Forum, meeting place, or to other interesting pages of the instrument. It is also a place to write articles, or review of harmony lessons, for example. It will be a bit of a wildcard of the menus, to put it another way.

We will end the menu “Scores” where you can access the personal bank of scores collected over time over the internet and organized by type.

As you can see, I made this website with WordPress, software that I was totally unaware of until three or four days ago, but I see the potential is huge, so I hope I can improve it, so that we can all participate.

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