Since then we have had to catch up on computers in order to take classes, the teachers have communicated with the students basically by videoconference, which has us “saved” of being able to continue giving or receiving classes. Anyways, the problem of the delay of the audio signal does not allow us to play both instruments (or more, if more people are connected) at the same time, we always find the problem called “latency” which occurs for several reasons which I will not consider here.

I have been researching on the internet, and I discovered the Jamulus program, which finally seems to solve this problem in a big way. It's about being able to play online with little latency through the program. We can play on external servers, where anyone can enter, or make our own server, this makes the server private, and only those who know the IP address of the computer that is acting as a server enter.

It is very important to have a good internet connection and to be plugged in via the ethernet cable directly to the router, to have the least possible data loss down the road, with its corresponding latency that this entails. Below I leave some videos that perfectly explain the process of how to download, launch the program and enter or make a server. If you dare to let it go, and you find no one to test, contact me, and we will try to make it work for you.

If you want to test, enter my server “Jam at home”, if I am connected you can enter freely.

Here is a live session of a meeting from different countries

Here is a tutorial all about 1

Use VST with Jamulus and Reaper, fer Live Stream amb Zoom i OBS


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