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Jam at home is a project born out of the coronavirus, and the inability to rehearse together and play regularly due to the distance of the group members.

We use two basic platforms to be able to perform the task of playing live: Sonobus and Jamulus, everyone plays from their home, regardless of the distance that physically separates us.

As the musicians enter the platforms, the possibility of making online recordings(live) or streaming music(also live) it is totally real. It also allows many musicians who are not even known personally, they can play together from places that would otherwise be impossible to complete.

I currently collaborate with about forty musicians from Europe, Australia, South America and the United States of America. I recently found a way to make audio recordings with enough quality to be heard in a minimally dignified way., and I can also do live concerts on the major streaming platforms: Facebook, Youtube i Stitch.

As I play songs I upload them to the Soundcloud account I opened for this purpose. I hope we can do a streaming session soon to publicize the initiative.

On the right you can hear the songs I'm uploading to the soundcloud without moving from the page, so you can discover many more things I am doing for my clarinet students.

I usually have the server “Jam at home” located in Valls (Tarragona, Spain) open in case you want to come in and make any tests. On the list of servers you have to choose “Género Jazz””. When you enter the server you can enter only with audio, or you can also connect the video by clicking on the link that will appear in the welcome message once you enter the server. If you get in with video signal, remember NOT TO USE THE MICROPHONE IN JITSY.

Open the drop-down menu and search “Género Jazz”
The server is called “Jam at home”, and you can enter with video, o sense

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