Before studying the books Progressive Jazz Studies by James Rae, you should watch the next videos carefully. The videos guide you on how to work up to the lesson 44, therefore they are intended for first graders, second and third advanced. I also consider it very important that you know how to play the major and minor scales and arpeggios fluently. In the section Harmony you will find a lot of information about all the aspects we need to learn over the coming years to be able to create interesting solos and melodies. Mostly learn the anglo saxon nomenclature, thetriad chords and quadriads, etc.

I consider it vital that you learn how to run a score editor (it’s like a writer’s computer or typewriter). Obviously you can write the scores by hand, but I can assure you that writing a program is much better, as you are all used to reading. I leave the link to the programMuseScore, which is free, as well as many tutorials to learn how to make it work properly. I encourage you to spend a little time each day this summer because next year I will be applying for a written job with this program.. Also remember that in order to be able to record the clarinet or music in general, you can do this with two programs: Bandlab andAudacity. (You have a lot of information on the web about each program). I also recommend that you work on it regularly, since next year, will be MANDATORY tools in my clarinet classroom.

Remember: MuseScore for writing scores and Bandlab or Audacity for recording audio.

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