Pentatonic scales

The pentatonic scale is one that is made using five notes (penta = five). It is one of the most commonly used scales in music, and it is used in all musical styles and in different contexts.

There are two basic pentatonic scales: the pentatonic major scale and the minor pentatonic scale. Major pentatonics is formed from the Major scale, but they removed the degrees that produce the most tension: the fourth and seventh. The same is happens for minor pentatonics, only that it is based on the minor scale based on the same grades. In the next picture we can see it. With crotchets we see the notes that we do not play in the pentatonic scale.

Grades IV and VII are not part of the major pentatonic scale
Grades IV and VII are not part of the minor pentatonic scale
Major pentatonic scale
Pentatonic minor scale

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