Chromatic Scale

The chromatic scale is the one that consists of playing all the musical notes (in the European system) so that between note and note the tonal distance is that of semitone or a semitone. Like all stairs, we can touch it upwards and downwards.

I always try to get my students to think of the notes as sustained (#) when they touch it upwards, and in flats (b) when they touch it downward. In other words that is:

Mi-Fa-Fa # -Sol-Sol # -La-La # -Si-Do-Do # -Re-Re # -Mi // (when we touch it upwards)

Mi-Mib-Re-Reb-Do-Si-Sib-La-Lab-Sol-Solb-Fa-Mi // (when we touch it downward)

That's exactly why the book “The Clarinet and I Vol. 3” emphasizes not harmonizing notes.

Then I leave you 2 videos explaining finger positions on the color scale. I repeat that I prefer to think of the notes going up as sustained (Fa # o La #) and going down like flats (Solb o Sib). This is not the case with videos, but what really interests us is learning the positions so that we can make the chromatic scale.

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