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One of the things I always recommend to students is to improve the way they play the instrument, is to record so that you can hear what they have played objectively. It’s not the same what they hear when they play, than what the audience hears. The sound they perceive is not the same, the same thing happens when you record your voice, it always seems very different from what you think it is, but in reality, the recorded voice is what those who hear it hear.

Today we have many devices to be able to record when we play, from mobiles, tablets, the computer, and we have many applications that do it. Below I will tell you about one that works without having to download anything, as it works with the browser.

It's very simple to use, as you press the red record button and you're done. You can also drag any audio file to a new track, or record another voice on a new track. The result is saved as a wav file.

The functions are extremely simple: You can move, change, duplicate or cut files. Remember that many tracks can be recorded.

We recommend using the Chrome browser.

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