In this menu I will be posting links to websites that talk about the clarinet or have related things about the instrument. I will start with one of the best known clarinet websites, that is called Clariperu, a very large clarinet community in Latin America, the main driver of the blog is Marco Mazzini, a very active clarinetist in the networks.

The second web I want to share, though it seems like he hasn't been active for years, is musicalclarinet, web designed David Jiménez Ramos, and where we can find many music sheets for clarinet, with piano, solo, duos, ensembles, etc. It also has some very interesting articles that never go out of fashion, about mouthpieces, discs, clarinet's material…etc.

The webpage is dedicated to the study and practice of music theory. It offers its content free to the entire Internet community from 1997. was developed by José Rodríguez Alvira as a resource to complement his classes at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.

Here you will see regularly updated clarinet news

To find sheet music in the public domain (which are no longer copyrighted, and therefore can be downloaded, photocopy, or whatever you want without paying), the best web is undoubtedly ’ ISLMP, excellent website full of scores of any instrument, and with a great search engine, I still discover great music sheets that are not as well-known today as in all conservatories around the world.. Highly recommended.

This site is very interesting to be able to convert files from one format to another. Above all you can convert MP4 files of works to audio (wav, mp3, etc..) to be able to slow them down when studying them. You will find it on the web here.

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