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One of the most important things a musician or music student needs to know how to do, is to be able to record himself playing the instrument, to be able to share it with other people or the media, so that his work is heard everywhere.

In an article I wrote earlier (“How to record myself?”) I explain the basic tools that everyone should have on their computer, either portable, as above table, to be able to make recordings with a certain sound quality. Here I want to provide you with a series of tools so that we can register without complications, and most importantly, make it free software. I will be putting programs that can serve you in different cases of your production process.

The audio editor I recommend using thanks to the features it can develop, and above all, to the fact that it is in continuous development, and it's free, is l’Audacity, a powerful yet simple audio editor with very powerful features. You can edit or record multiple audio tracks, which will help you to be able to make your own pieces with the clarinet along with their playbacks, as I ask you many times when doing the exercises. I made a small one tutorial where you can see how it works. I also attach one Power Point made by our professor of New Technologies Xavier Llorach, where it explains the basic functions of the program.

The next program I will advise is a program called “Ocenaudio“. It's a free audio editor that's easy to use, but which has the advantage of supporting VST effects

Ocenaudio. Free audio editor

The next program I want to show is Wavosaur: It is a free sound editor where you can record sounds in mp3 and wav format. Wavosaur has all the features to be able to edit audio: cut down, copy, paste, make loops… One more option for audio editing programs.

Wavosaur: another good audio editor

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