Hello subscribers and fans of "El clarinet i jo". Continuing with the growth of the web, I have opened a Discord for all those followers who use the platform Discord,
What is Discord and how it works?
Discord is a live chat platform dedicated basically to video games, originally created by online gaming competitors, however, today it has grown in a way that is no longer just used for games.
The chat works through thematic channels, where you can comfortably discuss topics and share doubts, ideas, depending on the themes the server allows.
A voice channel can also be shared, as well as video-calls between subscribers.
As I enter the server Discord from the Clarinet website?
It's very simple, just have an account with Discord, and know that you can access it through a browser, from an app on both PC and Mac, even from your mobile or console.
Once you have created your account, enter the Clarinet channel by clicking on this link:
Enter the channel “Clarinet”
This will take you to the welcome lobby where you can greet and wait for your Role (paper) on the server.
We hope this experience grows together!

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