How to record myself?

Nowadays, in the middle of the technological age, in which everyone has a Smart TV, phones where you can do absolutely everything, both in the personal or, leisure time, with the ability to make video calls, à la carte TV channels, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, etc.; and especially after the coronavirus pandemic, where we have seen that things need to change if we want to learn the lesson… we should try our kids that study music, not only have a good instrument for playing and going to class, we already know that they need to own a lectern, to be able to put the music sheets, a metronome to study, good (reeds, not the ones that are bitten like they haven't had a snack), books, most of them already have mobile with internet… But…..

Can they record a study session?, or make a video with a minimum of sound quality?, or can they connect into a videoconference with their teacher, friend, relative, or whoever, and this one can hear the clarinet as it really sounds? (I mean with a natural sound, not “like a 1930s radio”)… I believe, from my experience in the field of teaching (35 years at least), which unfortunately the answer is NO. Of course, they all have tablets, laptops, game consoles with their games (which aren't not cheap), and many of them carry phones that I would like to have…

Besides, Today's generation has the technology printed on their DNA, they are the technological generation, and reportedly after coronavirus, we will still need more training, but , the truth is that with this they have no problem, they understand it quickly, and more…they like it!.

So, I want to encourage you to give them the tools they need to perform the fundamental tasks that anyone who makes music should know how to do.: all the questions I threw in the air before, and that most have a NO as an answer. In fact, with little money we can do it (those who attend my classes know that at least it always sounds good in class, the playbacks, the recordings, videos… definitely… MUSIC. Therefore, I leave you a video that I find to be very accurate and in which I fully agree with everything he says.

To get an idea of prices of the possible devices that the video deals with, click on the image. Needless to say, if I can assist you with any queries you may have on this subject, you can do this at any time.

How to set up a home studio

Then I leave you a Power Point by our new technology teacher Xavier Llorach who talks about how to make a recording using the’Audacity (which is a free sound editor).

Digital audio recording with Audacity 2020-02-26

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