Javier Bofarull

It is the first book I published. I wrote it to help young clarinet players pass the Career Access test (formerly middle grade). The book contains two CD's. One is the corresponding to 23 musical pieces from the list of musical pieces that the "Generalitat de Catalunya" proposed at that time, all played by me (many of them still are required in the test nowadays). The other CD is one piano accompaniment playback, in the style of a “minus one”.

The book also makes a formal analysis of all the musical pieces, and also helps the reading exercise that, a part of test that the students will take in the future., It contains 50 appropriate readings at the level requested in the various centers of Catalonia.

Clarinet: Access test for middle grade

It can be purchased from the "Diputació de Tarragona", in the Publication Department.

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  1. Hi Xavi,
    I will be aware of what you are putting on the page. I'll start with the pieces for the entrance test.
    Thank you so much

  2. Moltes gràcies per aquesta pàgina. Quina currada!! Sóc professor a València i el teu material és una passada.
    Jordi Iborra

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