The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Bandlab is a free and online alternative. BandLab allows you to collaborate with others on the web and work together to create tracks. One of the main advantages of BandLab is that it works on both MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and even Chromebook. On Windows it works using the Chrome browser. This means that everyone can come together and exchange ideas. BandLab includes virtual instruments, effects including mixing and mastering tools. A great way to pass the time and be creative.

Besides, once you are registered, you can download the acclaimed DAW Cakewalk for free (the old SONAR), software that until a couple of years ago cost hundreds of euros and is now free!. I do more than 20 years working with this software (when it was still SONAR), and I can assure you it is fantastic.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can access BandLab to create virtual classrooms, and share musical experiences with your students or peers.

The classroom I created, and in which I am currently working for the next academic year to incorporate it in the clarinet classroom of the conservatory of Reus you can find it at this address: Classroom18 by Professor Javier Bofarull. If you want to join the class, the code of 7 figures (and letters) access is SG1_3YO (Or letter) so you can see how it works, and what can be done without having to download any program. All software is in the cloud. Here you have the my personal user page.

Exercise done by the virtual classroom

Tutorials Bandlab

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